Current Sermon Series


Galatians and the Gospel

We are embarking on a new series of messages all focused on the gospel of Jesus Christ. God has called us to make disciples (Matt 28:16-20). To make disciples we must know the truth of Jesus’ gospel. Over the next several months we are going to study His gospel in order that we may fulfill our mission, purpose as a church, evangelizing, sharing the gospel, and making disciples, and fellowship based on the gospel.

Last October we adopted a vision for our church that is thriving by glorifying God and bearing much fruit, reaching out sharing the gospel, making disciples, full of joy as we serve our risen savior Jesus Christ. To help accomplish that we are going to look at the truth of the gospel such as justification, sanctification, propitiation and their meaning; the elements of the gospel; the purpose of the gospel and the implications on our lives. As we do this we will be better equipped to share the whole and true gospel showing others the way to Jesus. We will also be better equipped to encourage, teach, and admonish each other in the gospel of Jesus helping us to love Jesus more and more transforming our lives walking by faith for His glory.

Our text for this series will be the book of Galatians mixed with some topical sermons to help us understand more fully some of the doctrines in it. My hope and prayer it that it will encourage you in your walk with God and to reach out to a world that is in desperate need of being rescued by Jesus.

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